A film titled Shiksha O Tripura has been released based on the improvement of the education system in the state of Tripura.

Bindusmita Bhowmik

Shiksha O Tripura is a Bengali film based on the Education System of Tripura, it was directed by Biswajit Das. In this film all the innovative steps taken by Government of Tripura have been highlighted and produced under the banner of Barsha Production

Stars: Pranab Kr Nath, Sourajit Acharjee, Bikran Das, Satirtha Debnath, Samir Debnath, Kanika Chakraborty, Kundanika Chakraborty etc....

This story starts with the journey of a father who belongs to middle class family. His wife intends that their son should take admission into a private school for quality education. But he is unable for that. On the way, he meets his friend and disclosed the matter. His friend also tells him a story of his own life and at last he convinced his friend after describing the the introduction of NCERT curriculum in Tripura government schools. Then they go to a tea shop. They find another friend there taking tea. They heard about the experience of that friend. Their friend describes about the neighborhood classes, the step taken by Tripura education department in COVID situation .After that the shopkeeper also tells that his girl was also unable in baseline education. Tripura government introduced a new step creating 'SADHANA' & 'PRERANA' group to improve baseline education for the weak students. As a result of this, his girl is now able to read & write. His friend then also disclosed other steps taken by education department for providing quality education. At the conclusion they all raise thumbs up for the education department of Tripura. As we know after the establishment of new government in 2018,the education department launches different schemes and different steps to enhance the quality education in Tripura. Through this documentary all the steps taken by this government is shown in a beautiful film representation.

The film also stars Pranab Kr Nath, Surjit Acharji and Satirtha Debnath in the lead roles.