About Us

www.neindia.com is a popular website of northeastern India hosted and operated from Agartala, Tripura has been launched in the month of October, 2003, with a view to provide overall information of this hilly region, North East, situated in the remotest part of the Indian sub-continent with the special focus on our State Tripura. Websites dedicated to socio-economical, cultural as well as socio-political change in the region is the urgent need of the day. This idea has been initiated neindia.com to come up with appropriate focus on the regional issues and problems. It is one of those websites, which wants to ensure free and fare information. The objective is to avail more information about the region to those who are interested in it. It is the website for those who want to know about our region and about our people. However, those are already in close touch with our people will definitely be benefited by the efforts by us.
with our vast experiences & expertise in the field of website designing & continuous up gradation of the same, introduces its wing for Design, Development & Hosting of website & it's Regular Up gradation for corporate houses, agencies and so on.
We also offer advertisers opportunities to target huge viewers by individual categories on a global basis. To reach the right audience, advertising banners can be placed in targeted categories and contest areas, on specific pages. Customized Home Page Promotions combine high-visibility placement with opportunities to quickly showcase sites, brands, events, products and services in a unique interactivity package to the neindia.com viewers.

Our Services at a Glance

Bends utmost to show its visitors with all the availabilities that a modern website can provide. In this land locked Region, we want to be a unique in this regard.
As our organization puts news, views and latest IT services well run and advised by a group of professionals. The latest news and analysis of National burning issues are provided in the site. The glimpses of Tripura and other North-East States are well hosted in the site to attract the people in and off India.
Our expert panel keeping eyes on day by day developments to make the website as a mandatory site to be clicked on.
We Provides the following Services:
  • 1. Web Designing & Developing using HTML, Flash, ASP etc.
  • 2. Web maintenance & Web Promotion with Animation.
  • 3. Domain & Space Registration.
  • 4. Content creation, Data Analysis.

We have experience of Designed, Developed & maintenance of following websites:
  • 1. www.ssatripura.com for SSA Rajya Mission, Govt. of Tripura
  • 2. www.tngcl.com for Tripura Natural Gas Company Limited
  • 3. www.naturalfoundation.org
  • 4. www.syandanpatrika.com
  • 5. www.edumars.com
  • 6. www.doondiscover.com