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Notice for Interview of Field Assistant & Artist, Department of Industries & Commerce.
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Corrigendum: Regarding Interview of Senior Instructor-Mechanical.
Re-scheduling of Interview Interview of Senior Instructors, ITIs.
Notice for Interview of Senior Instructors, ITIs.
Corrigendum: No.F.DI/ESTT/IV(29)/2015/ Part/6584, Dated, 30.04.2016 published in the local newspapers on 03.05.2016. Directorate of Industries & Commerce

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Adityanath campaign puts BJP way ahead (2/12/2018) 
Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath is in Tripura to campaign for the BJP ahead of the Tripura assembly elections. The Uttar Pradesh CM is on a two-day visit to the poll-bound state. On Monday, Adityanath addressed “huge” election rallies in Jubrajnagar and Kanchanpur areas of the state. Yogi today also worshipped at the Gorakhnath Temple in Dharmanagar and latter addressed several public meetings. Yogi is trying to connect the people having allegiance to ‘Nath Sampraday’ to the BJP.Tripura will go to polls on 18 February, while the result will be announced on March 3. As per estimates, around 30 percent Bengali ‘Nath Sampraday’ community live in Tripura. Gorakhnath temple of Gorakhpur, which is headed by Adityanath, also belongs to the “Nath Sampradaya.”On Monday, the Uttar Pradesh CM held a massive roadshow from Dharmanagar to Jubarajnagar in the poll-bound state. “Tripura has never seen such an outpouring of affection and support as in today’s roadshow of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath Ji from Dharmanagar to Jubarajnagar. Chants of “Yogi Yogi”, ” Chalo Paltai” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” are resonating everywhere,” BJP Tripura said on Twitter.“Huge Celebrations on the roads in Dharmanagar during Yogi Adityanath Ji’s road show connotes the mood of people of Tripura. People yearning for freedom from the dark era of Manik Sarkar. People deserve a government of development. People deserve BJP,” the party further said.Meanwhile, the BJP chief Amit Shah today said that his party will form the government in the state. He assured voters that also promised made in BJP “vision document” will be implemented in the state.“Seeing the atmosphere and campaigns after visiting various constituencies, I am rest assured that the BJP would form the next government in Tripura and it would be the 20th BJP ruled state,” Shah told reporters. He added: “The (BJP) party neither had MLAs in Manipur and Assam nor a strong organisational base, yet the huge popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP’s programme brought the party in power to those two northeastern states.” Similarly, Tripura would also come into the BJP fold.CPI-M has ruled Tripura for around 25 years. Yet, Shah said, the state lags behind in distribution of drinking water to households, healthcare services, power supply, infrastructure and attracting investments.
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