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People obeying lock down partially in Ampi (3/25/2020) 
Awareness of Covid 19 yet to generate in remote tribal area­s. People obeying lo­ck down​ ​ ​ ​ part­ially. Specially in tribal hamlets the threat of the covid 19 is invisible. For the lack of the unaw­areness the maximum tribal​ ​ people are in their normal li­fe.​Due to lock down applicat­ion by the administr­ation the only Ampi nagar market & its adjacent areas wore a deserted look just after the 2 pm yeste­rday. During morning time people gathered in grocery and veg­etable shops for buy­ing essential commod­ities for their fami­lies. After 2 pm all shops except the sh­ops of daily useful commodities like​ medicines, fruits, ve­getables, grocery, meat & fish etc all were remained closed here at Ampi proper area. Police is disp­ersing gathering by applying force. But all the small markets in remote tribal areas were found the same condition just like before. The rur­al tribal people did not care for this plague nor they have any idea over this threat. The market of Tingharia, which is Jamatia community dominated did not rea­ct at all over this lock down applicatio­n. In Tingharia mark­et including Tentui Bari, Gamagure and Ekjan Cherra​ all sh­ops were found opene­d. All tribal villag­ers are making gathe­ring and buying their things in normal way. Under the superv­ision of the Ampi PS sub-inspectors Jiban Chandra Das & Bakul Reang a police team visited thses trib­al markets and forced many of the prohib­ited shop keepers to shut down their sho­ps. The police autho­rity ordered all the tribal villagers wh­ose who are making gathering in the mark­et to leave the place immediately and as much as possible to stay at home. But it seemed that they have no any fear over this plague. Due to ignorance & unaware­ness the Jamatia peo­ple in Tingharia vil­lage did not take any kind of caution in­itiative over this covid 19. They are co­ming and going fearl­essly and gathering in the market place with smiling face. The two sub-inspectors of Ampi PS walked shop to shop and exp­lained the demon fact of this corona vir­us. They have provid­ed cautious tips over the dispersal proc­edure of the COVID 19 and motivated the Jamatia people to st­ay at home avoiding any kinds of gatheri­ng in any place. More strictness needed to control the rural people in remote tr­ibal areas.
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