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‘Gau mata’ worships to fight coronavirus (3/21/2020) 
With the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus rising across India, the businessmen of Maharajganj Bazar, the oldest and largest market of Tripura, decided to turn to ‘gau mata’, (cow mother) to keep coronavirus at bay. The businessmen organised a puja on Saturday where as many as seven cows were worshiped in the hope that it would contain the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and keep everyone safe. Maharajganj Bazar supplies food and raw materials to the entire state. Speaking with reporter, market secretary Gautam Shil said: “We, the members of the two number stall bazaar committee, held a meeting and decided to organise ‘gau mata puja’ here. We want to tell the people of all religions to come forward and pray so that the spread of the virus can be averted.” Another member of the committee said that they have been organising the Brahma Puja for the last 30 years. This year, we decided to do something different by worshiping ‘gau mata’ for those who have been affected by coronavirus. “We worshiped seven ‘gau matas’ here and we hope in coming days people across the country will do the same. The spread of the virus can be averted in India, provided people worship ‘gau mata’,” Shil added. He also said that drinking ‘gau mutra’ (cow urine) can cure the coronavirus effect and scientists are also preparing a medicine with the same. In Tripura, a total of 94 people having travel history to foreign countries have been kept in isolation. Twenty-four of them were released after reports were found to be negative.
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