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Tripura cabinet to amend rules soon to give more right to media: Ratan (2/14/2020) 
Education Minister Ratan Lal Nath last night justified the constitution of media monitoring committee to keep track of satellite connection empowered cable media, FM radio and community radio stations, saying this had been done in accordance with the provisions of the Cable TV regulation act of 1995 passed by the Centre. “We have no option in this regard as it is central law and we are supposed to implement this; such committees had been constituted earlier also” said Nath, disclosing names of those who had been members of media monitoring committee. He condemned the ‘mischievous campaign’ being carried out by vested interests and sought to sensitise the concerned people in the media. Announcing a list of what the present BJP-IPFT government have done for the media, Nath said that the Agartala Press Club building had been repaired at a cost of lakh of rupees and centrally operational AC machines were now being installed after creating extra space. Rates of advertisements for the local media have been increased and housing complex is being done for the media members and the government will bear the cost of land purchase, registration etc also, as committed by the chief minister, he added. Nath also said that the state government had borne the expenses for holding a media work-shop last year with presence of reputed and senior journalist-invitees at the national level and raised the pension for retired journalists from Rs 1 thousand per month during left regime to Rs 10 thousand per month now and four journalists are drawing this benefit now. He said that the advertisement and accreditation rules will be amended by the cabinet soon to give more right to the media and give increased facilities. “We have firm belief in the rights of media and a free press; what we expect from the media is a fair and balanced approach to all issues; we have been in power only for twenty three months and our record can not be compared with the twenty five year record of the left front which was disastrous” said Nath.

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