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Congress gives ultimatum to send back ‘Brus’ in Mizoram (1/12/2020) 
The Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) Sunday demanded both the centre and the state government to shift back the Reang refugees also known as ‘Bru’ to their mainland – Mizoram. “We want the government to shift them back to Mizoram within one month,” said former PCC President Birajit Sinha. Mr. Sinha said, “We demand both the centre and the state government to take an initiative of shifting them back within one month from now as per the central package and scheme announced for the Brus sheltered in Tripura.” “There have been series of violence reported from Kanchanpur areas of Bru refugee camp. Every day or other incidents and violence are being reported from the area,” adding to this Mr. Sinha said, “The locals including the tribals and the non-tribals in Kanchanpur are facing series of hurdles due to the Brus there who have been taking shelter for the last many years.” He said, “To avoid further violence and other incidents government should immediately come up with their package for Brus and send them back to Mizoram within one month.” The Congress, however, threatened to go for mass protest if their demand of sending Brus back to Mizoram is not fulfilled by one month. The congress today, however, ruled out former PCC President also the royal scion Maharaja Pradyot Kishore Deb Barman’s demand of rehabilitation of the Brus in Tripura. Pradyot has also written to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah on this just after the centre has stopped ration supply for the Brus asking them to leave the state.
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