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Pijush warns of disciplinary action (1/12/2020) 
Times have changed, regular routs have suffered, but the Congress party which is known for its inter-party conflicts failed to change its own culture. The situation seemed quite similar under every president. The present visible stress in the relationship of acting PCC chief Pijush Biswas and Subal Bhowmik is, definitely, reminding people of the bickering between former PCC chiefs Pradyot Kishore Debbarman and Birajit Sinha. However, this time, the party head took no time to form a disciplinary Committee in order to take action against the people involved in anti-party activities. Speaking to the media persons, Biswas alleged that there were leaders in the party who were trying g relentlessly to damage party’s image in public. He also alleged of BJP links of the leaders in what seems to be an oblique reference to Subal Bhowmik. “We have observed that without the consent of the PCC chief, people are convening press conferences in the party office or in residences. In our today’s PCC meet we have taken a resolution of prohibiting any leader from doing so” Biswas told media. He also alleged that there were some leaders in the party who were still in touch with BJP MLAs. Despite strong prohibition from the party, some party leaders took part in the apolitical rally called by BJP MLA held on January 3rd. However, Biswas also told media that party took a decision to oppose the government's initiative of giving Bru-refugees permanent shelter in the state and also to hold a series of protests in the ensuing days.
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