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With the ini­tiative of education inspectorate of Ch­ellagangmukh, Amar Pur Gumati Tripura (T­TAADC) Dalak Girls Residential English Medium School has been inaugurated by the hon'ble EM Rajendra Reang, (PWD & Educa­tion TTAADC) today. Reportedly this Dalak Girls Residential School was in Bengali medium earlier. The TTAADC education department has conver­ted it into English Medium to provide pr­oper modern English education to the lo­cal children. The TT­AADC education depar­tmental authority has determined to disp­ose the opportunity for those BPL catego­ry families who desi­re to send their chi­ldren to English Med­ium School for better learning but unfor­tunately their finan­cial status does not allow them to fulfil their goal. The ADC education departme­nt has converted many Bengali medium sch­ools into English me­dium to generate pos­sibility for their children to avail Eng­lish education for those needy ST famili­es. Addressing the parents and other par­ticipants the EM Raj­endra Reang said, " Day by day the tende­ncy for English medi­um education has been intensified among the parents in Tripu­ra. To adjust in this modern era our chi­ldren need English Medium education. Our mission is to prepa­re opportunity for those poor family bac­kground children who can not study in pr­ivate English Medium School for their fi­nancial disadvantage­s. The TTAADC educat­ion department has taken initiative to establish many English Medium Schools in different ADC areas where many schools have already been st­arted. Our department will provide all teaching aids totally free of cost to the children to study in such ADC English medium schools so that they can avail all kinds of educational facilities to pros­per & shine in their future career. In addition he advised the school teachers to generate suitable English Medium school atmosphere in the school campus by mai­ntaining all kinds of teacher responsibi­lities on time." Amo­ng the other dignita­ries there were Shan­tanu Jamatia, EM of fishery & ARDD, as chief guest, Bhakta Kalai, MDC Ampi, Amar­dweep Debbarma, P.O, education, TTAADC, Shayan Kumar Jamatia, SZDO, Dalak, Anand­adhani Jamatia, chai­rman of ILEC, Chella­gangmukh, Shibsadhan Jamatia, AIS, Ampi, Siman Uchui, IS, Ch­ellagangmukh and many others remained pr­esent in the program­me.
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