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Blood donation camp by Sadvabna (12/1/2019) 
Blood donation is one of the most important social service to the human kind. As being a human everyone must donate blood to save others life. A blood donation camp organised by Sadvabna at IMA house today.
MLA Sudip Roy Barman inaugurate the blood donation camp. More than 35 people donate their blood. With a surging population count, India requires about 5 crore units of blood but only a paltry 2.5 crore units of blood is available. This demand roughly translates to more than 36,000 blood donations per day to meet the need said Roy Barman. A pint of blood can save upto three lives. As a usual blood transfusion generally draws approximately three pints of blood, a single blood transfusion can save many life, he added. Speaking on the occasion, Roy Barman urged people to donate blood so that it would be used to save the lives of patients suffereing from Thalassemia, accidential cases and many more. He also requested the organisation to extend its services to all in the agency villages. This initiative is a step to support those who suffering with Thalassemia, Cancer and other illnesses. He also thankful for the opportunity to express the gratitude to the donor. “To know that we can make the connection with the person who gave other that push, that energy to keep fighting with cancer, Thalassemia and other illness, to keep moving forward, to be healthy again with everyone”, said Roy Barman.
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