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Vigilance enquiry put in city bus scam in Tripura (11/15/2019) 
After exposing the PWD economic scandal considered to be the biggest scandal ever in the state of Tripura, the BJP led coalition government has put vigilance enquiry into an alleged city bus scam in the then transport department of the Left front government. "We have put the vigilance enquiry after finding some suspicious documents and papers related to the purchase of 173 city buses under the centre's Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) scheme," said state transport minister Pranajit Singha Roy. He said, "We are now waiting for the vigilance report which is expected by a month. Following this, the government shall decide upon the legal action against the individuals involved with the scam." Mr Roy explained, "Most of the buses purchased earlier are in such poor shape that they may not hit the streets again and in many cases, most expensive body parts of the buses are found missing." He said, "The agreements between the government and the private partners in connection with the purchase of the buses were violated making a loss to the government fund." On being asked, the minister said, "Government shall take all necessary legal action once the scam is proved and if any dispute is found during the enquiry." He, however, denied of commenting upon the probability of grilling former transport minister Manik Dey on this alleged scam and stated, "Government shall work as per law just as the things happened with the former PWD minister Badal Chowdhury."

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