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3 police officers charged for violation of human rights (11/7/2019) 
Tripura police accountability commission today served show cause notice to three officers including two deputy superintendent of police in connection with alleged scam accused former PWD minister Badal Choudhury. Based on a complaint file by Shreya Choudhury (daughter), that three officers have violated provisions of Tripura police Act as well as human rights of accused minister Choudhury, his wife Namita Gope and daughter Shreya Choudhury during arrest and in the custody. In a complaint to the police accountability commission Shreya alleged that on October 30 a group of armed policemen had disturbed the treatment of her father Badal Choudhury in the ICU of a private hospital. They had forcibly taken him out of the hospital without medical advice through backdoor. “While doing so the police officers also ill-treated my mother Namita Gope and me too, which is a gross violation of human right,” Shreya stated to commission detailing the accounts of the persecution meted out on them in the hospital since beginning and subsequently with Badal Choudhury in the police station and later on in the government hospital. Based on the complaint supplemented by media reports and television clips, commission charged three police officers for high handedness and sought reply from them in a week. The police action against retired Chief Engineer Sunil Bhowmik and former minister Badal Choudhury since FIR was lodged on October 13 last who has been accused of Rs 164 Cr scam in PWD contracts during 2007-08 was merciless, inhuman and vindictive. The separate complaint was lodged against indecent behaviour of police officers with Choudhury in the hospital and alleged torture on him in the police station. The similar complaint earlier also raised in the trial court of by the lawyers of Sunil Bhowmik against police but it was not reflected in the order. Moreover, photographs of Badal Choudhury in police lock up went viral, which is prohibited by law. Meanwhile, Choudhury’s wife Namita Gope has also filed another complaint in Chief Judicial Magistrate court against two doctors of the private hospitals for manhandling her and her daughter while Choudhury was being taken out from the hospital. She lodged formal complaint against Dr Tomojit Nath and Dr Archana Jain for allowing police to pull out under treatment Choudhury through the exit by which only dead bodies are evacuated. They did not also hand over a discharge document to the family. It is to be mention that, Choudhury was admitted in a private hospital on October 21 where he was arrested. Choudhury was dragged from his hospital bed to West Agartala police station on October 30 and immediately he was shifted to ICU of Agartala Govt Medical College with multiple ailments.

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