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Nobody can force the Brus to leave Tripura (11/6/2019) 
The former Tripura Congress president Pradyot Deb Barman on Wednesday assured the Bru refugees that he will stand up for their rights even as he stated that nobody can force the Brus to leave Tripura. Deb Barman, who is on a visit to Kanchanpur Bru camps today, addressed a public meeting and interacted with the people. His visit and assurance comes amid the tension in the relief camps over the non-distribution of rations by the government to the Bru refugees, which had reportedly led to the death of 6 people. “Tripura has enough place to accommodate Reang people. This is your land and nobody can force you to quit from here”, he said while stating that the Reang people, who lost their lands due to Dumbur Hydropower plant at Amarpur subdivision in Tripura migrated to some parts of Mizoram. The royal scion also said that the Bru Reang Community’s ancestral home land is Tripura. “If we see the ancestral and historical boundary of Mizoram and Tripura they were one and seamless,” he said. Questioning the state government, Deb Barman said “If the government could consider proposing 2,700 acres of land for BSF firing range the why can’t the government give 1/3 of the land to the indigenous people who actually belong to the state?” He strongly condemned the stoppage of ration to the Bru camps by the government and said that Article 21 of the Indian Constitution gives us the right to food but the government is violating the provisions of the Article by stopping ration to the Bru families residing in the refugee camps. “It is really astonishing that the government of India is denying to provide food if they don’t go back to Mizoram which is a clear violation of Human Rights,” he opined. He also informed that he will file a writ petition in the High Court against the government’s decision to stop ration supply to Brus.

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