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Bru refugees to withdraw stir following talks (11/5/2019) 
The Bru refugees are likely to withdraw their road blockade after a crucial talk which was held on Monday between Additional Chief Secretary, Kumar Alok, IAS, Principal Secretary B.K. Sahu, Abhijit Saptarshi CID SP, Mizo Bru Displaced People’s Forum (MBDPF) general secretary Bruno Mesa. The Bru refugees had staged a protest after the suspension of the free ration and cash-dole by the government. The road between Dosda in Kanchanpur and Anandabazar area in North Tripura district were blocked since Thursday compelling Mizoram government to discontinue the repatriation process. With the death of a four-month- old baby on Monday, six people have died so far in Bru relief camps in North Tripura district, which a forum for displaced Brus claims to be a result of “starvation”. However, the meeting is said to be successful and the refugees are likely to withdraw the road blockade by evening. Kumar Alok, Additional Chief Secretary stated that a package of Rs 25,000 will be provided to the families who will leave for Mizoram in next three days and those who wants to stay, a Rega job card will be issued and have to survive on their own.

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