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Bhutani market starts from octber 15 (10/9/2019) 
As soon as the season of frost started its way forward to strengthen its grip, the cluster of Bhutan traders hurried to the state as very much like a preventer like every year. This year the fair will be starts from October 15. Embodied with afresh designs and new ventures of winter dresses the Bhutani Market at Shakuntala road, a precinct adjoining the main city put in their stalls to draw attention of the city dwellers and local pedestrians. The leader of the traders Kaldhen Tenzing who all the way came here from Bhutan with various fancy products, basically winter collection; had said, I am leading this delegation since last 8 years including this and traditionally my family members were leading such traders from Bhutan since last 35 to 40 years. Ahead of winter, Bhutaniís arrived in Tripura for selling woollen garments to make the people of this hilly feels comfortable at winter. Selling a wide variety of woollens at very reasonable prices, they are a hit with middle class customers and young stars by selling sweaters mufflers, gloves, socks, caps etc. Tenzing who is a seasoned trader of woolen products also informed that Tripura is very much like his own land. "The people here are very well acquainted and the businesses we make here always drive us economically graced" he added. Asking on the people and uptown issues, he informed, altogether 49 to 51 people came this year including dealers and their helps. And all of them are now there for next three months as tenants in the adjacent localities. Speaking over the official endorsements he said, "Each of the 18 stall owners have procured trade licenses from Municipality before official opening of our stores on October 25 and the electric charges are surcharges as notified by the installed meters". However, the exhibition cum fair is found familiar with common trend. From highly priced leather items to discounted shawls included with women and children items having discriminated in a huge variety freshly designed sweaters, sweat shirts and cardigans were showcased.

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