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Rajkumari Kamal Prabha Debi passes awy (9/12/2019) 
Rajkumari” Kamal Prava Devi, mother of Jishnu Dev Varma, Deputy Chief Minister passed away in Guwahati on Thursday. Late princess Kamal Prava Devi stayed in her daughter house and was 105. Jishnu Dev Varma left for Guwahati. soon after receiving the news of death of his mother. Kamal Prava Devi was daughter of Maharaja Birendra Kishore, king of Tripura ( 1909 – 23) and sister of Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore. When Kamal Prava was thirty years old, she got married to Rajkumar Ramendra Kishore Dev Varma ( Nani Karta), who was the son of Maharaja Brojendra Kishore Dev Varma of Tripura.He husband has died long ago. She has four children, the eldest being Dhriti, who lives in Nagaon, Shriti, who is in Greater Nodia, Delhi, Haymantika, who is in Baroda, and her only son, Jishnu, resides in Tripura. Kamal Prava has been living with her eldest daughter, Dhriti, and son-in-law, Bimal Baruah, since 2003. She prefers to stay with Dhriti as they share the same interests in art and music.
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