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Bharat is the land of youths- Pratima (9/11/2019) 
Swami Vivekananda makes India prejudice free. He worked for strong India to guide the whole humanity. In his lecturesgave a call for universal brotherhood is not possible without inclusive approach, said BJP MP Pratima Bhoumik in a blood donation camp. Ramesh HS School of Udaipur conducted a blood donation camp in commemoration of the 126th anniversary of ‘Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago Addresses’ today. Altogether 53 persons donate blood including 4 girls. September 11 was celebrated as “ Sampriti Divas”.” Everything we know about Swami Vivekananda through our text books. It’s not enough to know him. Swami Vivekananda is a concept, he is our pride,ideal, an organization”, said Bhoumik. “Inspired by the ideals of Swamiji, we are working tirelessly towards realising the dreas and aspirations of our youth”, she added. As the speech given by Swami Vivekananda completes 126 years, one of the most influential speeches given by an Indian in abroad. The Western people want to know India by Swamiji. Bhoumik also said that today’s Bharat is the land of youth and they have the strength to do something for the country. They are empowered with advanced knowledge and technology.Swami Mahananandaji Maharaj, MLA Pranajit Singha Roy, Headmistress of Ramesh HS School Shyama Debnath were also present in the programme.
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