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Man nabbed DMN (9/8/2019) 
A 32-year old man has been detained for allegedly trying to rape a 29- year old housewife at Batarashi area under Dharmanagar Police Station wee hours of Sunday.
According to sources, the victim lived in a rented house with her son and mother-in-law. The incident took place at 12.30 am when the victim goes out for fresh-n-up the accused tried to rape her. Hearing her hue and cry of the victim locals rushed to the spot and caught him red handed. The accused has been identified as Kamal Hussain(32) of Batarashi. Receiving the information Dharmanagar police rushed to the spot and arrested Kamal. The victim filed a case with Dharmanagar police station against Kamal. He will be forward to court on Monday next.

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