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Biplab welcomes NLFT peace deal (8/10/2019) 
Chief minister Biplab Deb has come out with his official reaction on the peace deal with NLFT militants. He claimed central government will consider state governments proposal regarding development of tribal areas. State government will provide all the help in this regaard. In the meantime two MPs of the state have also welcomed the peace deal. Ironically, today MP Rebati Tripura has been named ST Morcha head by BJP. Back on the NLFT peace deal chief minister had this to say. I welcome the decision by NLFT & glad to inform you all that, A memorandum of settlement has been signed by centre, government of Tripura & NLFT. NLFT has been involved in violence activities previously & is banned since 1997,now they have agreed to abjure the path of violence.In the meantime national media has hailed the peace deal as a major achievement of the Modi government to user in ever lasting peace in North East in general and Tripura in particular. The formal surrender of 88 militants will take place at Ambassa on Tuesday.
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