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Ratan announces end of no detention policy (8/8/2019) 
State government has decided to end the no detention policy now in force in government run schools. This decision was taken at the state cabinet meet after which Education minister Ratan Nath announced the decision. He mentioned that centre has issued directives that class V and Class VIII should have regular examinations . Centre also provides that if a child fails in these two classes they should be given additional facilities and also granted permission for re examination within two months of the result. Whether to hold back or not to hold back , this prerogative lies solely with the concerned state governments. Central directive is also clear cut that no child should be expelled at elementary education level. Headmasters have also been given powers to give waivers to specially abled children. Mr Nath said state government will not go for any sort of compromises on quality education. Hence in class five it will be seen whether or not the concerned students are able to fluently read, write and express thoughts. District education officers and Inspector of schools will closely monitor this aspect and hold the HMs and teachers accountable . But in case of class eight there will be direct curricula based assessment in exams, he made it clear. He said high attendance of more than 85 % will earn extra five marks and less than 50 % attendance will bring no additional marks. Now we have decided to go for periodic tests and exams have started from class three itself. One special team has returned from Delhi and from now on there will be centralised question paper in half yearly and annual exams and a secret tender has been floated for this purpose, he disclosed.
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