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Notice for Interview of Field Assistant & Artist, Department of Industries & Commerce.
Corrigendum: Regarding Interview of LDC, Department of Industries & Commerce.
Corrigendum: Regarding Interview of Senior Instructor-Mechanical.
Re-scheduling of Interview Interview of Senior Instructors, ITIs.
Notice for Interview of Senior Instructors, ITIs.
Corrigendum: No.F.DI/ESTT/IV(29)/2015/ Part/6584, Dated, 30.04.2016 published in the local newspapers on 03.05.2016. Directorate of Industries & Commerce

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Dipa launches cover of her memoir (11/3/2018) 
Dipa Karmakar launched the first look of her memoir titled 'Dipa Karmakar: The Small Wonder' at Ekamra Sports Literary Festival in Bhubaneswar on Saturday.The book titled "Dipa Karmakar: The Small Wonder" is co-authored by veteran journalists Digvijay Singh Deo and Vimal Mohan along with Bishweshwar Nandi - Dipa's longtime coach. Speaking on the occasion, Dipa Karmakar said, "A lot has been written about my narrow miss at the Olympics but not many seem to know that Tripura has been a cradle of Indian Gymnastics from the 1960's. Gymnastics is a very challenging sport and the cover of Small Wonder captures the dedication and focus needed to do well in the sport. I do hope that my story inspires many more children to take up Gymnastics and never take no for an answer." Dipa Karmankar's coach, mentor and co-author of the biography Bishweshwar Nandi said, "The book will definitely give a new direction to Indian Gymnastics. The book is a true account of Dipa's journey against the odds. She has put our state of Tripura on the map of Indian sport and also put Indian Gymnastics on the world map which many believed to be impossible. Her story is one which every aspiring gymnast and gymnastics coach should know about and learn from. She has shown that practice and dedication can take you to the top of your sport."Commenting on the cover launch veteran journalist and co-author Vimal Mohan said, "Dipa is a fantastic gymnast. She is a superstar, yet she is extremely humble and grounded. Her journey has been tough but is extremely inspiring. To help her write her memoirs has been an extremely privileged assignment. She was an unknown sportsperson from a marginalised state and sport but she raised the bar single-handedly for Indian gymnastics. I believe her best is yet to come." Digvijay Singh Deo, also the author of "My Olympic Journey: 50 of India's Leading Sportspersons on the Biggest Test of Their Career" expressed his views on Dipa and added, "Dipa Karmakar brought gymnastics into the national consciousness with her outstanding effort at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Her inspiring journey from an outpost of Indian sport to that of an elite world class gymnast is one that has to be told. Karmakar has shattered the prevailing narrative that India's sports persons are held back from achieving their dreams due to an absence of top quality infrastructure at the grassroots level. That argument does not hold anymore."
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