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Sonam is special to me: Ranvir Kapoor

Be it for his slipping towel, his arm-candy Deepika Padukone or he being the fourth generation of the Kapoor khandan - the one-film old Ranbir Kapoor is has become the new heart throb of Bollywood. Trans World Features correspondent Sreya Basu jostled with mediapersons and fans to catch up with Ranbir when he breezed the city Sunday to promote his second film 'Bachna Ae Haseeno'.
How different is 'Bachna..' from 'Sawaariya' ?
Both 'Sawaariya' and 'Bachna%u2026' are romantic films. But 'Sawaariya' is solely a Sanjay Leela Bhansali's film. It was my first film and the best break I can ever dream of. But I am creatively more involved in 'Bachna%u2026'.

So you are playing a Casanova in the film romancing three heroines?
I don't play a Casanova in 'Bachchna%u2026'. Instead I play a boy-next-door who falls in love with three girls at different chapters of his life. First there is Bipasha Basu, then Minissha Lamba and finally with Deepika Padukone which is the longest and the most romantic one.

Just like in real life?


Don't you think people will rush to the theatres to see the two of you wooing each other?

Both of us have just started our career. We would appreciate if people talk about the film and our characters instead of linking our personal life with the romance on-screen.

You have already inherited the 'lover-boy' image of your father Rishi Kapoor. Are you not going to try something else?

I can never be Rishi Kapoor ever. He is so spontaneous. Till date he has the capacity to woo all the haseenas of Bollywood better than me. As for the lover-boy image, give me two more years and you will find me beating up twenty goons single-handedly.

Your first film was not a hit%u2026

'Sawaariya' was not a commercially hit film. But I expect 'Bachna%u2026' to be a box office scorer.

How does it feel to become the Bollywood heartthrob just after the debut film?

Well, I never expected this kind of attention so early in my career. When people come to me for autographs, I feel like saying 'Wow. ' I hope it continues forever.

Are you cool with newcomers like Imraan Khan and Neil Nitin Mukesh?

Absolutely. Why only two names- right from Amitabh Bachchan to Darsheel Zafari-Bollywood has never been so competitive till the last two years. Every day a new actor takes the reign. So see if I start worrying about these things, I will have a nervous breakdown.

There was news that your friendship with Sonam Kapoor broke off after your relationship with Deepika?

This is not the right moment to comment on this. But I will take that. Sonam and me are friends over the last five years. She is too special for me but we never had an affair. So why should our friendship break off because of Deepika. It's just that we are busy with our respective films and hence seldom get a chance to meet each other. But there is no negativity between us.

Trans World Features (TWF)
(Sreya Basu) TWF
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