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‘Kareena reminds me of Avantika’

Imran Khan has teamed up again with his Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu heroine Kareena Kapoor Khan for Karan Johar’s Gori Tere Pyaar Mein. Imran shares more about the film with TWF correspondent Sreya Basu in Mumbai

What was that one thing that made you pair up with Kareena for a second time in Gori Tere Pyaar Mein? In Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, she did not accept my love in the climax, she didn’t fall for me. So this time I am back with vengeance and a mission to win her back.
The film is majorly based in a village. Did you get a first hand experience of shooting in a village?
Most of the film was shot in the sets. But we shot portions in Bhuj, Gujarat. I was excited to go there as Aamir mamu (Khan, actor) had shot Lagaan (2001) there and I never had the chance to visit that set.
Tell us about your character.
My character Sriram is a very self-involved guy. He doesn’t care about other people, or anything, really. He gets irritated with Kareena’s character who is a social worker and is concerned about everything not going right in the society.
How was it working with Karan Johar again?When I am working for Dharma Productions, I know that I can leave everything on Karan’s hands and get wonderfully looked after.What is that one thing in Kareena that you like the most?
There are certain traits in her personality which reminds me of Avantika (Imran’s wife). That’s why I have always liked her and look forward to working with her as many times I can. Kareena is my favourite actress for many years. Is there extra pressure when an actor’s careergrah is marked with alternate hits and flops?
Well it does not matter if you have alternate hits and flops … even after sometime, when you have a string of successes, the pressure is no less because you have to go further from there.
Cursing in films has become a trend now. Comment.
I believe we should not curse at all in films or life. I have avoided cursing in all of my films so far, That is why, in Delhi Belly (2011), we had tried to cut out as many as we could.
Is it true that you had differences with producer Ekta Kapoor over aggressive promotions of your last film Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobaara?
It’s best not to dwell on the past. However, I think things just turned into unnecessary, ugly public conversations.
How much do you think promotions help a film at the box office?
I believe promotions should be aggressive and intense, but most importantly, it should be intelligent.

In Gori Tere Pyaar Mein you have a dialogue where you say you have many things inside you that boys of your age don’t have. What is “that” thing which you have in real life which others don’t have?
Avantika will be the better one to ask. She is the one who can answer that.
You started with Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na, then did some action films and again returned to your comfort genre, that is, romantic.

I enjoy doing romantic genre. It is something that has always given me a lot of success. So I do consider it as my bread and butter
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