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Monsoon, through the eyes of children

Rains bring smile on our faces, but excessive shower brings pain. Anil Gulati speaks to child reporters in Madhya Pradesh on their views on rainfall and its effects

Rains bring smile, cheers, on our faces, but when it rains, and rains and rains, it brings pain. Rains in Madhya Pradesh though were delayed initially but later on recovered. As of date Madhya Pradesh had 9 % excess of rainfall. Some pockets of the state are extremely wet, have been flooded and few are still dry, wanting rains.

Media normally covers stories of people who get affected by both situation but somewhere children get missed out. But what do they think?

Yashpal Tiwari is a class nine student from Hoshangabad district which has two main rivers, namely Narmada and Tawa. There has been an increase in water levels of the rivers. Parts of the district have witnessed floods.

"It is good to see rains but I feel bad when water due to excess rains enter houses like it has happened in villages in our district. Why can’t we stop that and let’s only have enjoyable rains?" asked Tiwari.

His friend Rohan from the same district said: "Why can’t we just dig a ‘big hole’ and put excess water in it?"

When explained to him about that this cannot happen as water is too much for a ‘hole to manage’ and is flowing out of river due to heavy rains, he got serious.

"I feel pained to see houses of my friends under water. Can’t government do something about it he questions?" Rohan asked.

Deepak Rajpur, child reporter from Guna district who reports in children newsletter Awaaz, said that rains have helped increase the water level of six handpumps in his village.

He said he feels happy about it; but his peer child reporter Keshav Kuswah from Saktpur village felt as an ‘after-effect’ of rains, prices of vegetable have gone up which will decrease consumption of vegetable in food as people will not be able to afford to buy the same for their homes.

Narendar Bairagi, who also is a child reporter from Guna, said though clouds thunder, his village in Guna has not got much rainfall. He wanted more.

He said he wants ponds full of water so that he can float homemade paper boats on the water.

Bhopal kid Akriti is happy that rains have finally come to her state, but it is number of potholes on the road which pain her as these give 'us and my friends a lot of bumps when we go in our school bus to school'.

Children do see their own world from their eyes, which could be different then the one of adults.

They do like rains, pitter patter rain drops, but feel pained when excess rains bring floods and pains to them and their peers.
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