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Wear lots of white in summers: Farheen (3/30/2012) 
Designer Farheen Bushra Rahman, who is a fashion graduate from London College of Fashion, has been in the industry for almost half a decade and has been busy managing her newly launched brand FBR inc. An expertise in Trousseau, occasion wear and prÍt line she participated in Kolkata Fashion and Design Week recently. IBNS correspondent Tania Roy discusses with her about the fashion show and her collections.


What feedback did you get from the recent fashion show in Kolkata where you participate recently?

I had a lot of positive feedback from the audience and the press and also from my peers in fashion designing. They praised the simplicity of my collection and the elegant look of my design. Yes Kolkata is my home city and it was an honour to come back from London College of Fashion and do a show in my own city.

What was your inspiration behind your collection?

My collection was for spring summer 2012. My inspiration was the colour white. I have always preferred whites during summer and thought this to be a perfect theme and the colour white totally compliments the hot and sultry weather with its simplicity and elegance.

Did you always want to be a fashion designer?

During my school days I was inspired by my parents who are both eminent doctors to go for medicine. But my college experience pushed me towards fashion designing and then came my stint in Pune which reiterated my belief that my aptitude is towards creative fashion and thus I decided to join the London College of Fashion for my honours in fashion design women's wear.

What fascinates you most as a fashioner designer?

I was always creative from childhood be it with paints, colours or fabrics. I loved the way my mother dressed and elegant women wear always fascinated me. My stint in college in Pune and Kolkata and my coming in contact with other fashion designers piqued my interest. Traveling the length and breadth of India with its varied culture and fabrics was a huge motivation. Then my sojourn in London, the fashion capital of the world was a learning curve.

What are the characteristics that will define your creation and style?

Simplicity, elegance, classiness and exclusivity.

According to you who is the most fashionable celebrity?

Sonam Kapoor, Lara Dutta.

Who are your favourite and idol fashion designers?

Tarun Tahilliani, Ellie Saab, Issey Miyaki.

Keeping the summer season in mind which fabric and colour would you like to use?

Linen, chiffons, mal. White, lobster orange, yellows, sea green.

Where will you showcase your next collection?

In the upcoming fashion shows nationally and internationally.

Please pass some style tips to our readers during this summer.

Wear lots of cottons. Linen is an excellent fabric paired with chiffon. Knee length dresses in summer fabric. Shorts paired with chiffon tops and shirts.
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