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[31 July 2018] Biplab Deb interacting with reporters in Nagpur and made his views clear on NRC issue. VIEW
[31 July 2018] Biplab Deb called on Mohan Bhagwat at RSS headquarters. VIEW
[31 July 2018] Ganja was recovered by RPF in Badarghat station. VIEW
[31 July 2018] CPM tried to instigate police by holding gherao in front of PHQ. VIEW
[31 July 2018] Sudip Barman at workshop on prevention of communicable diseases . VIEW
[30 July 2018] Grand reception for Biplab Deb at Nagpur airport. VIEW
[30 July 2018] Shyam Sundar co Jewelers held a march led by Arpita Saha. VIEW
[30 July 2018] Manik Sarkar played dirty politics even as it was decided to reconstruct statue of Baidyanath Majumdar. VIEW
[30 July 2018] As a last resort to save his post Birajit Sinha leads a Sevadal march. VIEW

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