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[13 July 2010] Hidu devotes gather infront of Jagnnath temple to share holiness of Rath Yatra, in Agartala, on Tuesday VIEW
[09 July 2010] CITU takes out rally demanding increase of wage of Angan Wadi workers, in Agartala, on Friday VIEW
[05 July 2010] Suspected ISI agent Omar Ashraf alias Manir Khan of Pakistan and his associate Indian citizen, Ramu Ghosh who were nabbed from Tripura’s Sonamura subdivision after they intruded from Bangladesh at wee hours of Sunday are being taken to a court in Agartala on Monday VIEW
[28 June 2010] Left called 12-hour strike evokes strong response in Tripura VIEW
[25 June 2010] Employees of Tripura’s rural bank, Tripura Gramin Bank observing strike on June 25,2010. This bank comes first among all rural banks in India in terms of deposit this year. VIEW
[23 June 2010] Hindu women observing religious rituals drawing ‘Swastik’ at a temple on the occasion of Ambubachi in Agartala on Wednesday VIEW
[19 June 2010] Agartala looks enthusiastic in feeling football fever during FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 VIEW
[12 June 2010] A passer gets silhouetted against cloud loaded sky, in Agartala on Saturday VIEW
[10 June 2010] Students reading books in a Tripura school library, in Agartala VIEW

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