LOCAL NEWS:: Festive spirit missing in East Tripura | Police officials remain away from East Tripura | Zutshi appointed special observer | Manik leaves Jiten bamboozled | NATIONAL NEWS:: UTI Dynamic Bond Fund | BJP ousts Congress in Hariyana and Maharashtra |

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[07 April 2019] Manik Dey held a press meet with his cohorts Madhu & Tapan Das VIEW
[07 April 2019] NEINDIA impact : After criticism in this website on police inaction Subrata Chakraborty held press meet. VIEW
[07 April 2019] Sudip Barman in IGM hospital. VIEW
[07 April 2019] Students of TMC held a march. VIEW
[07 April 2019] Most of the BJMM members did not have helmets in bike rally. VIEW
[07 April 2019] Pro BJP lawyers brought out a march . VIEW
[07 April 2019] PM Modi with CM and two BJP candidates at Udaipur mega campaign rally. VIEW
[05 April 2019] Students of Agriculture college hold protest and block main gate. VIEW
[05 April 2019] Syandan Patrika is holding the first ever mega debate to be hosted by Arkaprava Sarkar. VIEW

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