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[23 April 2009] Indian paramilitary soldiers stand guard as villagers wait in a queue to cast their votes at a polling station in Takarjala, 45 kilometers (28 miles) from Agartala, capital of India’s northeastern state of Tripura on Thursday, April 23, 2009. VIEW
[22 April 2009] Polling officials carry Electronic Voting Machine on way to polling station in Agartala on Wednesday. VIEW
[20 April 2009] A Police man removes posters show left extremism in Agartala on Monday, April 20, 2009. The posters circulated in name of All India Progressive Student Forum (AIPSF) read slogans, Long Live Agrarian Revolution, Dismantle of bourgeon parliament, Establishment of Soviet system of democracy. VIEW
[19 April 2009] A colourfull rally in support of CPIM candidates for upcoming Parliamentary Election in Agartala on Sunday. VIEW
[16 April 2009] Indian External Affairs Minister and Congress senior leader Pranab Mukherjee addressing in a press meet in Agartala on Thursday. VIEW
[14 April 2009] School students take out rally on 191th birth anniversary of the Chief architect of Indian constitution on Tuesday in Agartala VIEW
[12 April 2009] A tea-loabourer busy in plucking leafs at Durgabari tea-garden in capiatl city of Tripura VIEW
[12 April 2009] Tribal women weavs traditional dress with traditional weaving messing in a tribal village at Taidu village, 75 kilometers from Agartala on Sunday, April 12, 2009. Photo by Suman Deb Roy VIEW
[10 April 2009] Leftist youth in cycle rally campaigning in Tripura's capital Agartala on Friday morning VIEW

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