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[26 January 2011] Governor of Tripura Dr. D. Y. Patil inspecting parade during the Republic day celebration in Agartala on 26th January 2011 VIEW
[23 January 2011] School boys showcasing tableau against price hike in a rally organised for celebration of 115 Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in Agartala on Sunday. VIEW
[22 January 2011] Photojournalist Buddha Gupta passes away on Saturday in Agartala. His professional colleagues are paying homage at Agartala Press Club VIEW
[12 January 2011] A child at a traditional swing in a tribal house of Mandai in Tripura VIEW
[11 January 2011] Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar paying homage to legendary Rabindra Sangeet singer Suchitra Mitra, who passed away recently, in a ceremony in Agartala on Monday VIEW
[08 January 2011] Buyers busy in selecting items at regional SARAS fair in Agartala,on Saturday VIEW
[02 January 2011] Tripura Governor D Y Patil, Chief Minister Manik Sarkar, Power Misnsiter Manik Dey and Union Power Minister S Sinddhe in a ceremony of making extension of a thermal power project in Tripura, at Agartala outskirts on Sunday VIEW
[29 December 2010] A student displaying his model of rice grinding machine in state level science fair, in Agartala on Wednesday. VIEW
[29 December 2010] Honey-bee collecting nectar from a Chrysanthemum flower,in Agartala on Wednesday VIEW

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