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[27 October 2015] Rehana Begum who was nabbed by police in Noakhali Bangladesh for trafficking children from Tripura. VIEW
[25 October 2015] A police vehicle was seen breaking the law by creating sound pollution during bisorjan on Sunday. VIEW
[25 October 2015] The sale of illegal fire crackers went ahead even as TSPCB officials turned a blind eye on this matter. VIEW
[24 October 2015] Immersion of Durga idols and Muharram tazia went ahead side by side even as Tripura set another precedent of communal harmony. VIEW
[24 October 2015] Bisorjan of Durga idols went ahead for the third day at Dashmighat on Saturday. VIEW
[24 October 2015] Pandal hoppers made a beeline in several pandals that were still open on Saturday. VIEW
[24 October 2015] A rampaging police gypsy crushed a motorbike at Nandannagar Palpara leading to public outrage. VIEW
[24 October 2015] Enhanced vigil of police this year led to the arrest of three Bangladeshi dreaded thieves from the capital. VIEW
[23 October 2015] Traditional sindoor khela was seen in various Durga puja pandals across the state on Friday. VIEW

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