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[19 April 2018] CPM councilors like the one of ward number 33 are facing the heat from BJP due to their non performance. VIEW
[19 April 2018] Biplab Deb at 19th Baba Garia Puja program at Uttar Bharat Bharat Chandra Nagar (Twisama) Belonia . VIEW
[19 April 2018] Biplab Deb held a press meet where he termed the allegations by Bijan Dhar as baseless. VIEW
[19 April 2018] Manik Sarkar seems least concerned about the comrades back in Tripura as he shares a lighter moment with Brinda Karat. VIEW
[19 April 2018] Sombodhi held a press meet on Thursday. VIEW
[18 April 2018] Biplab Deb with wife Niti Deb entering the official residence of CM. VIEW
[18 April 2018] Tathagata Roy showing Biplab Deb how he has supported him on twitter during opening of new Rajbhavan building. VIEW
[18 April 2018] Biplab Deb at the launch of North East Colors. VIEW
[18 April 2018] Biplab Deb unveils a statue of Bhupen Dutta Bhowmik at Natunnagar Dainik Sambad office. VIEW

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