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[29 September 2009] Hindu devotees on way to immerge clay idol of Durga in Dashami on Monday VIEW
[26 September 2009] Pandal woofers make it crowd all the city, Agartala on Saptami night VIEW
[26 September 2009] Light floods the city, Agartala in Durga Puja VIEW
[26 September 2009] Taj Mahal Hotel of Mumbai gets its look here as a Durga Pandal in Agartala this year, 2009. This hotel was attacked by Pakistani extremists in Last December VIEW
[26 September 2009] ‘Kumari Puja’ or worship of virgin girl, supposing her Hindu goddess Durga has been performed at Ramkirshana Mission in Agartala on Saturday. It is a practice observed in the days of Durga Puja, Hindu Bengalees’ biggest annual religious event. In the religious institution, Ramakrishna Mission, Bibekananda once even worshiped a girl who was from a Muslim family. However, mythological Devi Durga is wife of god Dahadev and thus Durga is neither virgin nor a child who does not attend adolescence VIEW
[24 September 2009] A club in Agartala potrays Himalayas with its snow Shibnagar Modern Club keeps it for show this Durgapuja 2009 VIEW
[24 September 2009] First Day of Durgapuja: this is SHASTHI on Thursday. Durgotsav is the biggest annual event of Hindu Bengalees VIEW
[23 September 2009] One day left to Hindu Bengalees' biggest annual festival Durgotsav. All pandals are just ready. Clay idols get their positions. A durga idol from Agartal is in the picture VIEW
[22 September 2009] Tripura CM, Manik Sarkar has inaugurated a workdhopp on role of CNG and PNG in Norht East at Prajna Bhawan on Tuesday. Chairman of TNGCL, Pabitra Kar, TNGCL MD S C Hatwal,Secretary ot Tripura Govt, A K Gupta and others were at the stage. VIEW

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