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[17 February 2019] Students condemn Pulwama terror attack. VIEW
[17 February 2019] Jishnu Debbarma speaking in front of TSECL engineers. VIEW
[17 February 2019] Sudip Barman at a conference of federation affiliated teachers. VIEW
[17 February 2019] Days of Birajit seems numbered as Bhupen Borah was seen with dissidents. VIEW
[17 February 2019] Ratan Nath with minority Muslim merit holders at prize distribution ceremony. VIEW
[17 February 2019] ABVP unit of Womens college held march to condemn Pulwama terror attack. VIEW
[17 February 2019] A discussion program was shamelessly held by CPI(M) despite the pall of gloom following terror attack. VIEW
[17 February 2019] Pranjit Singha announced that state farmers will also be given Rs 6,000. VIEW
[17 February 2019] With Pulwama terror attack scapegoat Bijoy Hrankhwal and co announced a surrender to police decision on not holding march. VIEW

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