LOCAL NEWS:: State may agree to Pradyot’s view on keeping Brus in Tripura | one nabbed with contraband worth 1lakh | Tripura govt decides to chage District Council to ‘Territorial Council’ | Govt starts taking action on vegetable price hike | NATIONAL NEWS:: UTI Dynamic Bond Fund | BJP ousts Congress in Hariyana and Maharashtra |

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16-yr-old Student dies after being repeatedly ‘tortured’ by Hostel Warden Local News. (10-October-2019)
Bhutani market starts from octber 15 Local News. (9-October-2019)
Gaurav Gogoi appointed Incharge of Tripura and Manipur Local News. (9-October-2019)
1st time no animal sacrifice in Temples Local News. (4-October-2019)
Finally controversial Fly- over inaugurates Local News. (4-October-2019)
Reang refugees left Tripura for Mizoram Local News. (3-October-2019)
Demu train flagged of by Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb Local News. (3-October-2019)
Tripura is progressing in line with Gandhi's self-sufficient ideology: Biplab Local News. (2-October-2019)
Tripura Tea receives highest price in Kolkata auction Local News. (2-October-2019)
Block arranged special Gram Sabha to honour Bapu Local News. (2-October-2019)
Police seized liquors of lakhs of rupees: Nabbed two Local News. (2-October-2019)
CM calls for Garbage-Free Tripura Local News. (2-October-2019)
Initiative on to Acquire Land for National Highway-208 Local News. (1-October-2019)
Water crisis in Bhangmun block Local News. (1-October-2019)
Tripura Tea’ to travel 71 places Local News. (1-October-2019)
35k tribals to Mizoram deepens Local News. (1-October-2019)
Chargesheet filed against 5 PWD officers Local News. (30-September-2019)
Bamboo products import will benefit NE India: CM Local News. (30-September-2019)
Pradyut raises concern over increasing cases of crime against women Local News. (30-September-2019)
CM meet RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat Local News. (29-September-2019)
Pradyut to move SC against HC order banning animal sacrifice in temples Local News. (29-September-2019)
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