LOCAL NEWS:: State may agree to Pradyot’s view on keeping Brus in Tripura | one nabbed with contraband worth 1lakh | Tripura govt decides to chage District Council to ‘Territorial Council’ | Govt starts taking action on vegetable price hike | NATIONAL NEWS:: UTI Dynamic Bond Fund | BJP ousts Congress in Hariyana and Maharashtra |

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CM to participate in “Mangalarati” Local News. (27-October-2019)
Purvaudaya helps two needy students Local News. (26-October-2019)
Pratima to attend National Ayurveda Day Local News. (25-October-2019)
BSF-BGB exchange sweets in Tripura border Local News. (25-October-2019)
75% subsidy for Mega Food Parks: Union Minister in Tripura Local News. (24-October-2019)
Badal bail petition postponed till Oct 30 Local News. (24-October-2019)
Cabinet nod for new recruitment Local News. (25-October-2019)
INPT stage protests against ban on animal sacrifice Local News. (24-October-2019)
govt to introduce separate pay scale for school teachers Local News. (24-October-2019)
Special train services during Diwali festival Local News. (23-October-2019)
Police to arrest ex-chief secretary Y.P.Singh Local News. (23-October-2019)
5 arrested with Band Contrabands Local News. (22-October-2019)
Bank strike today against PSB banks merger Local News. (22-October-2019)
No confidence notice a ‘conspiracy’ against EC of TTAADC: CPI-M Local News. (22-October-2019)
High Court rejects bail of former PWD minister Badal Choudhury Local News. (22-October-2019)
High Court rejects bail of former PWD minister Badal Choudhury Local News. (22-October-2019)
Police finally arrested PWD scam accused ex-minister Local News. (22-October-2019)
TTAADC in problem: 15 members summit back out notices Local News. (21-October-2019)
judgement reserved: Badal Choudhury case Local News. (21-October-2019)
Air Asia starts flight service Agartala to Delhi, Kolkata Local News. (20-October-2019)
Kathin Chibar Dan celebtes at Venivan Bihar Local News. (20-October-2019)
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