LOCAL NEWS:: State may agree to Pradyot’s view on keeping Brus in Tripura | one nabbed with contraband worth 1lakh | Tripura govt decides to chage District Council to ‘Territorial Council’ | Govt starts taking action on vegetable price hike | NATIONAL NEWS:: UTI Dynamic Bond Fund | BJP ousts Congress in Hariyana and Maharashtra |

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One CPM supporter hospitalized: miscreants thrash Local News. (3-November-2019)
Manik demands proper enquiry into alleged custodial death Local News. (3-November-2019)
Water ATM inaugurates Local News. (2-November-2019)
Bru refugees continue road blockade Local News. (2-November-2019)
Four Nigerian arrested Local News. (2-November-2019)
Two die in Tripura Bru relief camp Local News. (1-November-2019)
Women found murdered- no arrest Local News. (1-November-2019)
HC sentences 13 to life term:Cong MLA murder Local News. (1-November-2019)
First case of triple talaq in Tripura Local News. (1-November-2019)
TT will celebrate “Nazar Kara, Pujuy Sera” Local News. (31-October-2019)
Gopal Roy says clear case of Human Rights Violation Local News. (31-October-2019)
ex-minister's bail plea rejected Local News. (31-October-2019)
Chief Justice transferred, cases to get delayed in Tripura HC Local News. (31-October-2019)
CM attends 'Run for Unity': Local News. (31-October-2019)
Adv. general Arun Kanti Bhowmik ruled out the allegation Local News. (30-October-2019)
CPI(M) holds protest rally Local News. (30-October-2019)
Main accused arrested in attack on proprietor of local media channel Local News. (30-October-2019)
ex-minister accuses police of assaulting him Local News. (30-October-2019)
YP Singh still untraceable, Badal stable, Sunil sent for 3 day JC Local News. (29-October-2019)
Former CM's stand on Badal Chowdhury's alleged involvement in PWD scam: Ratan Local News. (29-October-2019)
State govt sponsors extra classes of math & science in Class IX Local News. (29-October-2019)
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