LOCAL NEWS:: State may agree to Pradyot’s view on keeping Brus in Tripura | one nabbed with contraband worth 1lakh | Tripura govt decides to chage District Council to ‘Territorial Council’ | Govt starts taking action on vegetable price hike | NATIONAL NEWS:: UTI Dynamic Bond Fund | BJP ousts Congress in Hariyana and Maharashtra |

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Court grants Badal’s Police remand with conditions Local News. (11-November-2019)
State government cancelled religious festival rally: Local News. (10-November-2019)
Justice Kureshi to be sworn-in as new CJ of Tripura HC on Nov 16 Local News. (10-November-2019)
Congress stages protest rally against removal of Gandhis' SPG cover Local News. (9-November-2019)
State deploys additional force after SC verdict on Ayodhya Local News. (9-November-2019)
Badal Chowdhury send to 3 days JC Local News. (8-November-2019)
Akil Kureshi’s appointed as Chief Justice of Tripura HC Local News. (8-November-2019)
State govt declared holiday on Maharaja Bir Bikram’s birthday from next year Local News. (7-November-2019)
State govt. assures of free ration for Brus in Kanchanpur to withdraw blockade Local News. (7-November-2019)
3 police officers charged for violation of human rights Local News. (7-November-2019)
3 police officers charged for violation of human rights Local News. (7-November-2019)
Nobody can force the Brus to leave Tripura Local News. (6-November-2019)
Tripura royal scion visits Kanchanpur Local News. (6-November-2019)
woman died in accident Local News. (4-November-2019)
Central government have trishul to use on opposition: Jayram Ramesh Local News. (5-November-2019)
BJP declares district president elections' schedule Local News. (5-November-2019)
Bru refugees to withdraw stir following talks Local News. (5-November-2019)
Congress to revive party in state Local News. (4-November-2019)
Missing student recover from Sialdah: Local News. (5-November-2019)
stop violence against women: Local News. (4-November-2019)
Justice Kureshi will be joining as the CJ of Tripura High Court very soon Local News. (4-November-2019)
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