LOCAL NEWS:: Media in Tripura asked to refrain from unverified news on COVID-19 | 6 NE states seal borders with Assam | CM invites lockdown exit ideas from people, to give 100 best will be implemented | BSNL to give free talktime to all subscribers during lockdown | NATIONAL NEWS:: UTI Dynamic Bond Fund | BJP ousts Congress in Hariyana and Maharashtra |

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CM appeals people of Tripura to observe Janta Curfew on Sunday Local News. (21-March-2020)
Congress demands lockdown malls, exams postponed Local News. (21-March-2020)
‘Gau mata’ worships to fight coronavirus Local News. (21-March-2020)
Chaos start in the beginning day of Tripura Assembly over 10,323 issue Local News. (20-March-2020)
Manik Sarkar holds press conference after Assembly chaos over 13000 posts status Local News. (20-March-2020)
Deputy CM Jishnu Dev Varma presents Rs 19,891 crore tax-free Budget Local News. (20-March-2020)
Government to file IA petition for SC’s permission to recruit 10,323 in other departments Local News. (19-March-2020)
CPI (M), Congress demands to revoke section 144 of CrPC Local News. (19-March-2020)
Suspected JMB operative arrested with Fake Papers Local News. (19-March-2020)
CM continues night walk, detects suspicious car Local News. (19-March-2020)
310 protesting teachers held Local News. (18-March-2020)
BJP says Communist is Virus on 10,323 ad-hoc teachers’ agitation Local News. (18-March-2020)
Free wifi zones in Agartala under smart city project Local News. (18-March-2020)
Tripura HC to hear only urgent matters till April 5 Local News. (17-March-2020)
Section 144 imposed : 10,323 ad-hoc teachers arrested Local News. (17-March-2020)
Tripura govt. shuts down educational institution till March 31 over COVID-19 outbreak Local News. (16-March-2020)
Murderer of Manti gets 7-day police remand Local News. (16-March-2020)
COVID-19 suspect in Tripura Local News. (16-March-2020)
Students on the board are being screened at the exam sites Local News. (16-March-2020)
Blood donation camp organised to celebrate Barman’s birthday Local News. (15-March-2020)
One nabbed with foreign liquor Local News. (15-March-2020)
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