LOCAL NEWS:: 8 close relatives of Tripura COVID19 positive patient test negative | “Dont belive in fake news”: Ratan | At least 108 people who came in contact with COVID-19 patient quarantined in Tripura | Centre releases over Rs 250 cr for MGNREGA amid lockdown | NATIONAL NEWS:: UTI Dynamic Bond Fund | BJP ousts Congress in Hariyana and Maharashtra |

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State government suspends Bimal Chakraborty for Bishalgarh scam Local News. (20-October-2014)
Court sends all to judicial custody in Soma Majumdar case Local News. (20-October-2014)
Health department breaks its hibernation for media report scam with NRHM money Local News. (19-October-2014)
Street accidents claims three, police inaction draws anger Local News. (17-October-2014)
Religious feast turns bed,30 admitted in hospital Local News. (15-October-2014)
BSF jawans rapes a minor Local News. (16-October-2014)
Torture upon lady at Chandrapur invokes strong public opinion Local News. (15-October-2014)
Kangaroo court batters woman Local News. (9-October-2014)
R D recommends suspension of employees in Bishalgarh scam Local News. (10-October-2014)
Police to man 'defunct' train compartments? Local News. (30-September-2014)
NFR putting mega-block from October 01 Local News. (29-September-2014)
More suspensions in RMSA defulcation Local News. (28-September-2014)
Pijush Biswas becomes Tripura Bar Council's chairman, also suspended from Congress Local News. (26-September-2014)
Unrest in Meghalaya creases Tripura Local News. (25-September-2014)
Tripura PDS issues in back-track Local News. (25-September-2014)
Prabhat Chowdhury takes oath Local News. (24-September-2014)
Civil engineer found dead Local News. (21-September-2014)
Puja organisers ransack hotel Local News. (21-September-2014)
No headway in Munshibari argument, meeting ends inconclusive Local News. (20-September-2014)
Another case of defalcation, it tunes in about 17 crore Local News. (19-September-2014)
Munshibari in Bishalgarh plays bedlam to festive mood Local News. (18-September-2014)
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