LOCAL NEWS:: “We always ready to help who faces starvation”: Tinku Roy | Covid-19 positive cases from Nizamuddin religious gathering spread across states | During lockdown people are entering Tripura | Tripura shifts its market to open fields to ensure social distancing | NATIONAL NEWS:: UTI Dynamic Bond Fund | BJP ousts Congress in Hariyana and Maharashtra |

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Indigo introduces new flight from January 05 Local News. (23-December-2014)
TSECL engineer surrenders before court Local News. (22-December-2014)
Neonate abandoned, rescued Local News. (21-December-2014)
A septuagenarian ‘dies twice’ in Agartala! Local News. (18-December-2014)
'Dead' man becomes alive ? Local News. (18-December-2014)
High court acquits Law Secretary and his deputy from contempt charge Local News. (17-December-2014)
More than 100 passengers stranded at Aagartala Airport for more than 24-hours Local News. (17-December-2014)
Ex-governor Sultan Singh passes away Local News. (17-December-2014)
Strong reply pitched to Congress-slander against Manik Sarkar Local News. (17-December-2014)
IPFT comes up with another political-trick Local News. (16-December-2014)
Imam accused of rape, arrested Local News. (16-December-2014)
A woman dies mysterious Local News. (16-December-2014)
Mother-daughter catch fire, one dead Local News. (16-December-2014)
AMC to evict Kumari Tilla illegal occupants, CLP leader seeks time Local News. (16-December-2014)
ICA Minister reacts to Congress-slander against Chief Minister Local News. (16-December-2014)
Vijoy Diwas: Tripura CM lays wreath onto New War Memorial at Agartala Local News. (16-December-2014)
Lift traps patient-party in GBP Hospital Local News. (16-December-2014)
Congress makes cheap publicity shunt Local News. (15-December-2014)
Lifer tries committing suicide, admitted in hospital Local News. (14-December-2014)
Anthrax from Shipahijala not spreading assert medicos Local News. (13-December-2014)
CBI arrests West Bengal transport minister Madan Mitra Local News. (12-December-2014)
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