LOCAL NEWS:: “We always ready to help who faces starvation”: Tinku Roy | Covid-19 positive cases from Nizamuddin religious gathering spread across states | During lockdown people are entering Tripura | Tripura shifts its market to open fields to ensure social distancing | NATIONAL NEWS:: UTI Dynamic Bond Fund | BJP ousts Congress in Hariyana and Maharashtra |

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Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman arriving tomorrow Local News. (12-January-2015)
Subal announces another side-switching Local News. (10-January-2015)
Tow sentenced to life-imprisonment Local News. (9-January-2015)
OTPC slips to February for commercial generation Local News. (9-January-2015)
Sudip's own man topples, Birajit new Congress president in Tripura Local News. (9-January-2015)
Advocate Arun K Bhowmik switching side again Local News. (8-January-2015)
Tripura teachers' matter on January 15 before Supreme Court Local News. (8-January-2015)
Spicejet flight abandons landing at Agartala Airport for technical snag Local News. (7-January-2015)
Fire arms abandoned in drain surfaced at Shibanagar Local News. (7-January-2015)
Principal sent to jail for molesting teenage girl Local News. (5-January-2015)
A college principal arrested for teenager lodges molestation-case against him Local News. (4-January-2015)
Tripura facing financial crisis for Centre not releasing due funds Local News. (3-January-2015)
Five die on road in Dhalai Local News. (1-January-2015)
Five die on road in Dhalai Local News. (1-January-2015)
Tripura makes TET mandatory Local News. (31-December-2014)
Engineering student found hanging in Agartala Local News. (30-December-2014)
Passenger-vehicles to display fare-chart Local News. (29-December-2014)
Tripura Finance Minister demands ‘Achche Din’ in reality Local News. (27-December-2014)
Chief Minister warns against forceful-conversion Local News. (27-December-2014)
State demands immediate fund for rural roads Local News. (24-December-2014)
AMC clears road Local News. (23-December-2014)
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