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'I am too lazy to make films' 06/06/2008
These days we are seeing a lot of you as reality show judge. What's in judging that interests you?
Judging is a cushion-job. You sit back, relax and comment or criticise others' performance. Jokes apart, by judging shows I get to met so many talents whom otherwise I would have not interacted. In the show Lead India I met some exceptionally talented intellectuals, in Indian Idol I heard some immensely talented singers.


‘This is the first time I am in love’ 04/07/2008
So post Om Shanti Om producers are running after you with bagful of roles and sackful of moolahs?
Yes I am getting my share of attention and quite a number of roles as well. But I have a long way to go and need to groom myself constantly to meet the expectations of my producers, directors and fans.


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