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The Pensive Prince of Denmark 03/09/2011
New research reveals that Hamlet, the ill-fated hero of Shakespeare’s famous play, is not from Denmark at all, but could be from Ireland. But does it matter to those who are weaned on this great classic? Rajashri Dasgupta reports from Copenhagen

Is he, or is he not Hamlet, the Dane? After having claimed for so long that the tragic prince of William Shakespeare’s eponymous play, Hamlet, had his origins in Danish mythology, literary scholars now provide evidence that Denmark’s famous prince was, in fact, of Irish linage, a Celt, and is not a Dane at all.

The myth of the pensive prince set in Denmark’s Kronborg Castle has been...


The dancing queens 03/09/2011
These days NRI Indian girls learn Bollywood dance, a generic term that spans the entire gamut of dance in Hindi mainstream cinema. Clearly India’s very own filmy dances have broken through the borders. Shoma A. Chatterji reports

Few Indians at home are aware that the globalisation of Hindi cinema has reached far beyond the screening and distribution of Hindi films abroad. For example, dances from Hindi films are being imitated, improvised upon, and performed to a live audience by young girls.

Over the past decade, says Sangita Shresthova, researcher and dance trainer, Bollywood classes have sprung up abroad in response to enthusiasm expressed by Indian and non-Indian audiences for dance movements they may have seen in films. The Nepali-Czech dancer has actually done her Ph.D. on ‘Globalisation of Indian dance’ from University of California, Los Angeles.

In Germany, instructional DVDs extol the cultural authenticity and health benefits of Bollywood dance. Andrew Lloyd Webber's West End musical...


Indian food getting global 22/07/2011
Taste buds are changing with globalisation as an increasing number of Westerners are preferring to binge on the spicy Indian platter. Even United Kingdom voted 'Chicken tikka masala' as the most popular dish, Supriyo Hazra reports

The next time you visit London please do not get surprised if you see some British savouring some lovely Indian 'Phuchkka' or' Bhel puri', given the rising popularity of the Indian food items in the global paradigm.

That Indian food items are getting global are evident from the fact that the number of Indian restaurants in European and American countries have increased significantly.


Digital grand moms 22/04/2011
She is the new version of the old sari-clad spectacled grand mom. This modern age grand mom is a bit of a tech guru and may opt out of babysitting when inconvenienced.

Here they arrive, a group of not so young women with well coiffed hair and perfectly manicured hands, saddled with their laptops, ipads and Blackberries, Facebook accounts, doing online ticketing, trading and tweeting.

They can spell out the difference between Bytes and ROMs, MacAfee and Norton software. Parked in a health spa with a pulse rate monitor with a digital transmission and a Blackberry, she wants to keep in shape, watches her diet and exercise regimens with an eagle's eye. Grandchildren delight her, but it does not necessarily mean that she is a taken-for-granted babysitter. These women have left their daadima image far behind.

Grannies bending backwards to accommodate every whim of the little monsters is slowly changing her priorities, it seems. Being economically better off and less dependent on children to look after their needs has helped in the makeover, as also the digital revolution. Many of them work part-time on their computers from home. They want to gratify their own need o...


Combating harassment, the tech way 19/04/2011
Harassment on the street is not confined to Indian women alone as Hollaback, a harassed women's initiative in the US proves. This tech-savvy website is now in India too, reports Paromita Pain

Like most good ideas, this started out simple. In the summer of 2005, Emily May and a group of friends discussed how common street harassment was in New York City.

"Catcalls, jeers and unpleasant suggestions made us feel like the streets didn't belong to us. We were feeling unsafe in our own cities, " says May. "We wanted to reach out to women, share stories and show that no one was...


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