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Archers from tribal areas making a splash 29/01/2009
Archery was known to be a popular sport in ancient times in India, as well as the main battle weapon. But India's modern day archers still have a fair distance to go to gain international reckoning.

However, the sport is on the upswing in the country with more and more talented youngsters, particularly from the tribal areas, trying to make a mark internationally.

Young archers are bucking up as was evident in the recent junior national event here which in the past has thrown up national stars, especially from tribal areas of Jharkhand and the northeastern states.

Mangal Singh Champia, Tarundeep Rai, Bombayla Devi, Pratima Boro, Chekrovlu Swuro, Sumanlata Murmu, Jhanu Hansda, who hail from these areas, have stood up against the mighty Ko...


Mother Dairy: A story of Indian entrepreneurship 23/01/2009
It's a familiar sight in the sprawling Indian capital and its suburbs -- crowds outside kiosks selling milk and ice-cream, flavoured yoghurt and pickle, frozen vegetables and fresh ones too. Dairy products leader Mother Dairy's milk booths may be as unpretentious as its headquarters in the Indian capital, but the long queues are testimony to one of the greatest success stories of Indian entrepreneurship.

What started 33 years ago under the aegis of the National Dairy Development Board's (NDDB) Operation Flood - one of the world's largest rural development programmes - has grown into a Rs.3.3-billion (about $70-million) corporate entity with business interests in milk and dairy products, apart from fruits, vegetables and edible oil.

For Mother Dairy, which primarily caters to the national capital New Delhi and its suburbs, it all started with milk. It supplies 2.3 million litres of milk a day to the region.

"Our mandate is simple - source milk from farmers, give them the best prices possible and make it available to the public, " said Paul Thatchil, chief executive of Mother Dairy's dairy and foods division. "The aim is to strike a balance between ...


From darkness to light: Indian eye care on a success mission 23/01/2009
Millions of visually challenged Indians are finally seeing light at the end of the proverbial dark tunnel. From using tele-ophthalmology and training the blind for IT jobs to over five million cataract surgeries a year, India is moving fast to beat the World Health Organisation (WHO) deadline of eliminating blindness.

The government is confident that the WHO target of 0.3 percent blindness prevalence - of India's over one billion population - would be met five years before the 2020 deadline.

"Currently, blindness prevalence in India is a little above 1.1 percent. And, looking at the progress we are making, it would be 0.8 percent by 2010. We are quite sure that the WHO target of 0.3 percent can be achieved by five years before its deadline of 2020, " said Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss said.

"The blindness programme in India is doing well. The country i...


Shining stories of heroism behind dark clouds of terror 23/01/2009
Sixty hours after it began, the terrorist siege on India's financial capital Mumbai ended and weary commandos were seen walking towards buses after taking out the last of the 10 terrorists who killed more than 170 people. There was a sense of gratitude among the people, of thanksgiving to the many security personnel and others who saw Mumbai through its terrible tragedy and ensured that more lives were not lost.

If some images were etched in the collective memory of the nation, one of them was the sight of ordinary Mumbai residents, battered and traumatised by the terror attack on their city, walking up to the National Security Guard (NSG) commandos to shake their hands, thank them effusively and hand them flowers.

It was an outpouring of warmth and perhaps the most touching moment of the siege that had held India in its grip for 60 hours from the time the terrorists landed on a south Mumbai beach. The toll of the siege was 170 killed, including 26 foreigners, 18 Mumbai policemen and two NSG commandos, and more than 300 injured.

As India recovers from its worst terror attack, what stand out are the tales of courage and grit displayed by civilians and the security forc...


Behind the arclights - the women who make Bollywood click 19/01/2009
They are not just emoting on screen, but also playing a crucial behind the scene role. Not famous like their actor counterparts, yet absolutely pivotal to the complicated business of filmmaking, women technicians have crossed gender barriers to become directors, executive producers, sound engineers and cinematographers in India's booming Hindi film industry.

Far from the glamour of the red carpet, more and more women are joining Bollywood, as the $2 billion industry is known, to carve a niche in the
otherwise male dominated arena.

Savita Singh, Sharmistha Roy, Amala Papuri and Fawzia Fatima -- these names may not ring a bell for even the most crazed film fan but they are amongst the many women blazing a new trail.



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