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Diksha Modi unveils Pastiche 08/12/2010
India Blooms News Service
Budding designer Diksha Modi unveiled her latest collection Pastiche at Trezo, Forum Courtyard, Elgin Road here.

Television actor and model Priyanka Pal, along with Sonika Chauhan presented the collection.

Modi of’ Kisses’ boutique said: “My inspiration for the Pastiche collection came from the very concept of the word pastiche. I liked the idea of mixing different elements and creating something very striking, having an identity which was distinctive from any of the elements used, yet all appear to belong together. And if you separated any of the elements, each one would look incomplete.”

She was also inspired by cutwork and lace, and wanted to use both for embellishing the clothes, combining them with touches of a little glitter. READ NOW >>

First Look of Kingfisher Calendar 2011 29/11/2010
India Blooms News Service (Mauritius)

The first look of the much-hyped Kingfisher Swimsuit Special Calender 2011 has been unveiled.

The 9th edition of the swimsuit calendar has been shot at Le-Touessork in Mauritius.

“Promising 12 months of glamour and visual appeal, the Kingfisher Swimsuit Special 2011 is a rare combination of beauty, luxury and fashion. Only a select few in 54 nations worldwide will receive a copy of this much-coveted calendar directly from the desk of the Chairman of the UB Group,” said a company spokesperson.

The six models, who will adorn the pages of the Kingfisher Swimsuit Special for the 2011 edition, are Lisa Haydon, Fiona Thomas, Charlotte Lohmann, Liza Golden and Anjali Lavania with the sixth beauty being the winner of ‘The H...


‘Saree is difficult for me’ 27/11/2010
Gorgeous Bipasha Basu set many a heart aflutter as she walked the ramp after years in Kolkata. The actor gets candid with India Blooms correspondent Sreya Basu after the show.

You walked the ramp after so many years in Kolkata and that too at the first Kolkata Fashion Week. How was the experience?
It’s almost over five years but the ecstasy still continues. The moment I stepped on the ramp, I could feel the pulse of the people-their love and warmth. And when I heard them shouting and cheering for me, I knew I am still a rockstar in Kolkata.

During your early days as model, you ramp-walked for Monapali. Now you are a big star. Did you decide to be their showstopper out of gratitude?
I didn’t choose Monapali, they chose me as their showstopper. And, as for the...


Day-2 of KFW: All about young-n-sexy 27/11/2010
Sreya Basu
Kolkata, April 3: The Day-2 of Kolkata Fashion Week (KFW) was all about sporting young and sensuous looks.

Be it the latest jewellery collection of PC Chandra, or the continuation of the weaves couture, or Zubair Kirmani’s ‘romantic goes sensuous’, or Manoviraj Khosla’s ‘new age’ or Narendra Kumar’s ‘hard rock’ line-the common thread for all designers at KFW on Friday was looking sleek and sexy.

PC Chandra Jewellers’ Golden Girl:

PC Chandra Jewellers, one of the reputed jewellery bands in eastern India, unveiled its exclusive Couture Collection-The Golden Girl- at a snazzy preview at KFW Friday. The Collection was conceived and designed to suit high street fashion.

“This is the first time we are trying such a collection, which comprises of...


‘Indians don’t live on credit like westerners’ 27/11/2010
India Blooms News Service
The Guru of Indian Minimalism Wedell Rodricks showcased his latest collection The Mondrian Minimalist at the first season of Kolkata Fashion Week. India Blooms correspondent Sreya Basu gets into a tete-a-tete with the ace designer before he took to the ramps

What is The Mondrian Minimalism all about?

This collection is my tribute to Dutch painter Pieter Cornelis Mondrian and legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent. Mondrian’s works were based on his theosophy studies and his unique geometric abstractions wherein all curved lines were eliminated. As a part of the Cubist movement in Paris, he dominated his canvas with squares, lines , blocks of primary colours and black grids. He created oppositions of vertical and horizontal and oppositions of d...


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