Sl NoTitle / SubjectDepartmentUpload DateClossing Date 
1 Improvement of road from Udaipur Killa road to Maharani Barrage .....PWD (Roads & Buildings), The Executive Engineer, Udaipur Division, PWD(R&B), Udaipur Gomati District, Tripura15-01-202111-02-2021View
2 04/EE/WRID/AGT/2020-21 ......PWD (Water Resource), The Executive Engineer, Water Resource Investigation Division, Kunjaban, Agartala, Tripura15-01-202111-02-2021View
3 DNIe -T No. EE- IED/ AGT/ 91/ 2020-21 ......PWD (Roads & Buildings), The Executive Engineer, Internal Electrification Division, PWD(Buildings), Agartala, Tripura14-01-202102-02-2021View
4 Maintenance of Dredger and De- Siltation of Rudrasagar lake, under PWD (R&B) .......PWD (Water Resource), The Executive Engineer, W.R Division No. II 3rd Floor of Khadya Bhavan, P.N Complex, Gurkhabasti Agartala , West Tripura 14-01-202110-02-2021View
5 DNIT No : 19/CE/PWD (R&B) /ACE (P&DU)/2020-21 ......PWD (Roads & Buildings), The Executive Engineer, PWD (R&B), L.T Valley Division, Manu Dhalai, Tripura14-01-202128-01-2021View
6 Retrofitting of JJM Scheme under Dalak under Pachim Dalak GP ......PWD (Roads & Buildings), The Executive Engineer, DWS Division, Udaipur, Gomati District, Tripura 13-01-202127-01-2021View
7 Maintenance of different LI Schemes Under W.R Sub-Division ........PWD (Water Resource), The Executive Engineer, W.R Division No-VI, Kailashahar, Tripura13-01-202120-01-2021View
8 Up-graduation of road from Amzadnagar Bazar to Mujaffar nagar .......PWD (Roads & Buildings), The Executive Engineer, Belonia Division, PWD (R&B), Belonia, South Tripura 13-01-202103-02-2021View
9 DNIe -T No_173/SE/DWS/C/KGT/2020-21 ........PWD (Water Resource), The Executive engineer, DWS Division, Kumarghat, Unakoti, Tripura13-01-202105-02-2021View
10 Brick soled roads to be converted to all weather road by paver blocks ........PWD (Roads & Buildings), The Executive Engineer, Khowai Division, PWD (R&B), khowai District, Tripura13-01-202102-02-2021View