Prasenjit Debnath is a true talent from Tripura, who is able to inspire the world through his art:

Bindusmita Bhowmik

Prasenjit Debnath, born and brought up in Madhya Laxmibill, Bishalgarh is one of the most talented painters from not only his state of Tripura, but also India as a whole. Born two Sadhan and Sipra Debnath, and one of 3 children, Prasenjit was an artistic prodigy right from birth. It is with great pleasure and pride that Tripura calls Prasenjit Debnath its child, and Prasenjit has worked hard to keep not only family’s but his homeland’s head held high.

After so many years in the field,Prasenjit has skills in almost all the domains of painting such as landscape, portrait,collage, life study and sculpture. He does not shy away from using any and all mediums of colours like watercolour, acrylic, oil, applied art in marble paper, as well as applied art in stencil paper.

For his latest line of projects,he has used water colour as his major media. Even in the past, most of the paintings which have got him awards and acclaim are those which have been done using watercolour.This indeed proves that Prasenjit is a step above the rest as many artists who have been awarded for their efforts will usually use oil paints which can be easily masked if there is a mistake. It is said that what medium an artist uses, says a lot about him as a person. The fact that Prasenjit’s favourite medium is watercoloursays a lot not only about this ability to paint but also his fluid and gentle personality.

Prasenjit Debnath has also spent a over two years practising photography. Photography, he says, is much like painting; The end results are equally fascinating with the only difference that unlike painting where all the photography is in the colouring itself, for photography the waiting process is mainly reserved to take the perfect shot. Prasenjit is inspired by legends such as Mr.Parthasarathi Chakraborty and Dr.Swapan Chaudhuri in his love for photography.

Distinguished Achievements and Contributions:

For Painting

1. Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation 1st Award for Painting in the Emerging Artist Reward Scheme 2015 of the PRAFULLA DAHANUKAR ART FOUNFDATION

2. Baal Kala Sangam from the hands of Mr. Mukesh Khanna, the then Indian Television Actor

3. Ankar Jagat for Best of Five Award

4. Barak Art & Craft Society for Durga Nanda Acharjee Award

5. Academy of Art Universe Award for Best Position 90 %

6. Tripura Fine 2nd Position in the Annual Exhibition Award 2009

7. BishalgarhJournalists’ Association Award 2017, for Best Promising Work of the Year

8. Academy of Art Universe Annual Examination 2012 “ANKANSHREE” Gold Medalist Award

9. He had accomplished a mural wildlife painting in Sipahijala and Trishna, two well – known sanctuaries of Tripura.

10. Also, he has his great work done preserved in KillaR.D. Block and Chhayanat Auditorium in the field of social awareness.

11. Design of book – covers:

a) He designed the book – cover of “Monalisar Suicide Note” published from Srot Publishers.

b) Also, his designs include graphics of “Amar Mukti” published from Niharika Publishers.


For Photography

1. Bohubhuj(light&shade) was one of his significant and well-appreciated works.

2. He was the secretary of APCMPC, a famous council / organization for creative works in photography.


It is very hard to put Prasenjit Debnath into a box. He is not just for painter, photographer or a filmmaker. He is a true artist and the good one at that. His talents are surely unlimited but what is truly unbounded is his ability to think of beautiful things, put life in them, and bring them to reality.

Prasenjit is inspired by great name such as Satyajit Ray and Tarun Majumdar among others. He has always followed their films and their lives quite thoroughly and she is a part of himself deflected in them. Encouraged by friends and family Prasenjit has finally taken the decision to become a part of the Indian film and Television industry full stop it would be a great honour to him if he could establish himself as a skilled filmmaker. This is a risk for sure but present it is already off quite artistic bent of mind and through his determination and hard work will surely fulfil this dream as well.