Oxygen Park: ensure fresh air

Bindusmita Bhowmik

Agartala: May 08: The Tripura government's forest department is build a new park to increase people's interest in natural greenery, named Oxygen Park. The park logo a lung shaped out of creepers to drive home the point, has been put up at the entrance of the park. The park is being built in the dense green area of Shaal Bagan, about 4 km from the main city of Agartala.  It is being constructed over an area of 29.6 hectares.

On one side of the park are a large number of tall sal trees, among them are the colorful orchids of the native species of the state of Tripura and below are shrubs, various types of herbs, wildflowers and medicinal plants. Besides, there are various species of birds and small species of animals including insects and butterflies.

West District Sadar Social Forestry Range Officer Jagat Bahadur Debbarma said the park has a martyr's altar, named "Forest Memorial". This martyr's altar has been built in the memory of all the employees of the forest department who died in the line of duty to protect the forest and the environment.

It was created on September 11, 2020. QR codes have been planted in every tree in this park. By scanning these codes, the general public will be able to find detailed information about the trees. Moreover, there is a separate place for children and teenagers to play. There are also children's play materials. There is also a separate place for yoga and a walking track. This trek is 2.4 km long.

Portraits of birds and animals found in the forests of the state of Tripura, such as cormorants, wild roosters, pigeons, green pigeons, elephants, bison, etc., have been made and placed in various places in the park. Jagat Bahadur Debbarma also said that the park would be officially inaugurated after the outbreak of Corona epidemic subsided. It is easy to say that this park will become another eco-friendly tourist destination in the state of Tripura.