Nepotism.....Harsh Reality

Supta Gupta, Teacher

Even today also when we turn over the pages of either newspaper or other gadgets we come across Susanths mysterious death news.Till today that wound had not been healed up.Lets start with my penning down the incident. It was a complete murder and preplanned also. We could never be aware of the grim realities of his demise because these exist behind the screen of our glamour world or the world of stars where we do not have any right to interfere. Nepotism prevails everywhere especially in Bollywood film industry . Susanth might be the prey to the amalgamation of all the faded conspiracies, according to what Kangana Ranaut raised her voice in her IG video, nepotism plays a pivotal role in damaging the confidence and mental health of all the non star kids. But each and every oppressed does not have that much strength to tolerate. Susanth belongs to this category. He did not get acknowledgement in the film industry as like as those who are oppressed  never get the recognition whereas combination of all talents was bestowed on him. But Susanths meeting death is not the solution.  We have to fight everywhere. But the industry of Bollywood has been affected much by this concept of Nepotism more than any other industry and probably is having more a negative impact than positive in the life of Bollywood. Being outspoken Kangana Ranaut labelled film maker Karan Johar "the flag bearer of nepotism " in an interview.

Nepotism not only in Bollywood is real and rampant it rules over everywhere. Wherever you visit , the practice of showing favouritism towards ones family members or friends in economic or employment sectors will be experienced. Nepotism in educational institute affects education quality. Nowadays it has become a major issue in offices business and religious centres also. In maximum posh schools elite class parents hang around all the time just to get close to the authority to get their children benefits like better grades in academics , sports and in various extra activities.

We should be together to stop letting ridiculous things like Nepotism happen in job sector, management sector, school , film industry and everywhere....We will seek talents.