Demand for earthen lamps in India peaks due to China's boycott

Bindusmita Bhowmik

At one time there was a huge demand for earthen lamps in the Diwali market. Now in addition to various electric lamps, tuni, electric lamps, the demand for different types of electric lighting has come down to earthen lamps and these electric products were imported from China to India. However, the situation on the disputed Ladakh border has become increasingly tense.

With this, the fortunes of the Indian Kumars have been opened ahead of the festival of lights. The current festival of light, Diwali, has been  celebrated on Saturday . The Kumaras are busy making earthen lamps ahead of the festival to boycott Chinese goods. No one seems to be out of breath. Everyone is busy making lamps day and night.

That image was seen in Kumarpara in the Nandannagar area around the capital Agartala. Most of the people in this neighborhood belong to the Rudra Pal community. Now many of them are involved in different professions but their main occupation is pottery making. Now the demand for earthenware has decreased. However, there is a demand for earthen bowls and bowls used for distributing prasad in religious ceremonies including yoghurt pots.

It has been seen that earthen lamps are sold at wholesale price in Maharajganj market in the capital Agartala. On an average, 80 to 90 rupees for 100 lamps. If ordinary people boycott Chinese products in this way, the financial situation will be much better, said Kumars of Agartala.

When the festival of light Diwali comes, the demand for earthen lamps increases. Income increases immediately. Ranjit Rudra Pal told our reporter that he is very busy in Kumarpara this time. The wheel of fortune has opened in Kumarpara mainly for the boycott of Chinese goods. Ranjit Rudra Pal said, we have a boycott of Chinese products here, it is good for us. The demand for earthen lamps is also high. I have already made about 15 lac earthen lamps. We have to make more and more earthen lamps in front keeping in mind the demand. The earthen lamps have to be arranged on the furnace to prepare them.